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Your car gets you everywhere you need to go. But just as it is important that your car gets moving when you need it to, you need to be sure that it will stop in a critical situation. While cruising down the highway, driving around town, or even navigating a busy grocery store parking lot, you don't want to have the slightest doubt in your mind that your brakes will rapidly decrease your speed.


Woodland Hills Auto Service performs full brake services for any automobile, foreign or domestic. Basic maintenance, repairs and replacement, inspections - you'll get it all here, with our trademark friendly, efficient service.

Convert the potentially dangerous kinetic energy of your moving vehicle into reliable stopping power with effective brakes.

Ensure that when you depress the brake pedal, your vehicle will stop.

Take advantage of our other automotive services! Woodland Hills Auto Service can handle it all.

If you need to get your vehicle up to the standards of California's smog inspection, look no further - our team is standing by to help with a full range of auto services.  Having transmission problems? Our specialists will perform a complete check-up to find the source of the trouble.