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If your check engine light is brightly shining from the dashboard of your car, don't ignore it! Bring in your vehicle and let us run diagnostics so that the core of the problem can be identified and fixed. Your safety is always our priority - never turn a blind eye to unknown problems that could potentially jeopardize your safety.


Come in for all of your tune ups, brake and shock needs, transmission work, oil changes, and any other specific service your car requires. You'll never want to go anywhere else once you've experienced the difference at Woodland Hill Auto Service. Whatever work your car needs, it's going to get taken care of every time.

Our bumper to bumper service is ready to take on any situation you bring us efficiently and capably.

Keep your car in top shape with routine service and maintenance

Let us help you get your car ready to pass that difficult smog check!

Our team is ready to take care of any car troubles you may be experiencing including persistent smog issues that prevent you from passing California's smog inspection. Bring in your car today for service work specifically geared towards making sure your vehicle passes the state smog test with flying colors.